02/24/2012 Grooming for Hogloppit. Heavy drifts but few blow downs allowed Cal to punch out the Bee Hive Road with out too much drama. Afterwards, John and Marty treated the outriders to another boon docking class. Rumor has it that one of the riders was bucked off his sled. Won’t say who it was, but I’m ok now.

02-25-2012 Hogloppit. The crew showed up at the Bee Hive parking area at 7:00AM. The Skiers however, were not so tough. The wind exceeded the safety limits for Mission Ridge and the whole thing was cancelled. Even though we groomed the prior day, parts of the road were almost drifted shut. After a brief and windblown stop, the Organizers sent us home. The organizers worked really hard to set this up and we are sorry they had to cancel. Better luck next year.

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